Welcome to my first guest blog! My name is Bryan Jones and I have been asked to support Bode Clinic on aspects of performance, wellness and wellbeing. My backstory is varied, traumatic at times, but I have always had a common purpose, and that is to be the best that I can be, and always follow my passions wherever I could.  I reckon 99.9% of people reading this blog have never heard of me, and that is understandable, as I have never put myself in front of the camera, rather,  I have provided support from behind the scenes to many clients in sport, lifestyle and business.  This has ranged from supporting individuals to live a happier and more fulfilling life, or helping a young child trying to navigate the challenges of talent pathways in sport, through to supporting Olympic medallists, National Squads and high performing multinational corporations. I started out as a failed athlete, having to retire from a promising career in rugby through injury. This focussed my attention on supporting others. I trained as a sport psychologist, coach, and strength and conditioning coach, and had a very enjoyable period working with several athletes and squads. This provided me with a balanced view of performance in a sporting context. At this point several businesses began to ask for some help regarding enhancing performance in settings I knew very little about. What transpired was that the principles of high performance were consistent, regardless of context. Clearly, the interventions may look very different, but the key principles of high performing environments are highly consistent, and therefore, I felt I had a very positive impact on the bottom line.

More recently, it was pointed out to me that I just like helping people. On reflection, this makes sense. If you asked me what my legacy looks like; my number one response would be that I was the best Dad on the planet, and everybody that had some form of interaction with me, would have benefitted from that interaction. I do hope I am living up to that! In 2012, I built my own secondary school, as I wanted to provide an outstanding environment to nurture children to be the best they can be. Moreover, I enjoy helping adults who may be going through some challenge in their life, and help them reconnect with the positive things, and to engage in day-to-day activities that are filled with passion and purpose, ultimately reminding people of happiness and fulfilment.

In future blogs, I will no doubt provide some insight into my values, and use examples based on my experiences. However, what is more important is that my blogs have a marginal impact on your thinking and maybe compel you to positively change your lifestyle or your daily practices to be a better, more fulfilled individual. I look forward to sharing my views and hope that we get the opportunity to meet and share insights at some point in the future.