Children’s Physiotherapy

Understanding the children’s development pattern is vital when it comes to treating children of all ages, including babies. Bode Clinic is proud to provide wide experience within this area and will ensure your child receive in depth assessment and diagnostics in order to create a appropriate treatment plan.

Our chartered physiotherapists have wide experience treating children from various environments including Manchester United youth team, Olympic athletes and professional youth golf players.
Our practitioners are able to help with most cases and if further diagnostics is required we have a referral scheme in place to specialist consultants across the country.

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2 days ago

Bode Clinic

Has the aches and pains started?

Home office the first week was fine.....then the second week all the aches and pains started??
Was it to do with the posture?
Or the numerous DIY projects you finally got a start on?
Regardless of the cause, let us help you!
Book online for a virtual video consultation, talk us through your symptoms and we will try our best to help you manage this at home.
Link in bio, or visit our website

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1 week ago

Bode Clinic

💛Could you help us, so we can help you?
We are temporarily closed, but we aim to come back stronger than ever 💪🏼
We are offering online consultations, helping people set up home offices, helping people get through their rehabilitation because certain things just can’t wait.
But some of our patients who aren’t suffering from an acute injury needing urgent care, they might not mind waiting another few weeks...
If you are that person; why not pay for your session now using a gift voucher?
Or send one to a friend who needs a bit of a booster and receive a happy email?
Buying gift vouchers from us will significantly help us continue our work, and in return we will be there for you when we reopen our doors again, ready to help you 💛

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2 weeks ago

Bode Clinic

👶🏼 🍼 Some baby news 🍼 👶🏼
A couple of weeks ago we were laughing wondering which of the physios is going off on maternity leave. The focus has slightly changed since then, and this covid-19 has taken majority of our attention.
But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the little happy things in life 💛
The picture might trick you, but it is Kristin who will be off and Pablo will continue to work (..on his diet? 😆 sorry Pablo).
We have another physio joining the team supporting Pablo and Jake, but we have of course delayed the start date as we are currently closed.
We will announce the new physio when the time is right, and we are absolutely thrilled with the new addition to the team.
In the meantime both Kristin, Pablo and Jake will be offering online virtual appointments and we look forward to catching up with all our patients currently at home.
Stay safe everyone, soon this will all be over and we can return to normal again 🙏

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