Performance Coaching

Every organisation, large or small, strives to maximise its potential and improve productivity. Having the resources, knowledge and skills to realise this is the key to success and sustainability.

Performance coaching provides a level of support that challenges your current practices and facilitates you to raise standards across all aspects of the organisation.

Such areas as

• communication systems
• stress management
• time management
• motivational climates

….through to a thorough assessment of the vision and the alignment of associated behaviours and practices are considered, challenged and developed.

Bryan Jones has spent the past 25 years working in high performance sport and business environments raising standards increasing the bottom line. Click here to read more about Bryan.

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2 days ago

Bode Clinic

Could the pain in your neck be caused by a problem in your wrist? Or is the pain in your wrist caused by a problem in your neck?
Accurate diagnostic is crucial in order to find the root cause of your pain, and don’t just assume the location of your pain is the location of your problem.
Lockdown and home office setup has led to a lot of musculoskeletal issues like neck, back and wrist problems. And even if it’s a slight niggle you should not hesitate to get it looked at.
The longer you wait, the longer the rehab might take you.

Get in touch today and book your appointment for either chiropractic or physiotherapy 👌

Get pain free 🙌🏻

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4 weeks ago

Bode Clinic

A year review- not quite how I predicted it to look like.

From the start of the project to expand Bode Clinic it has been a bit of a rollercoaster.
There were numerous delays, we found asbestos, dealt with wrong deliveries which already had turned up late, and then flooding the place one week before opening. But we did it💪🏼
Three months after the grand opening I found out I was expecting a second child and everyone thought I was absolutely bonkers scheduling in maternity leave in my first year of the new expanded clinic. New staff, new routines, more patients needed.
But never did I expect to deal with a pandemic and lockdown too.
One week into the lockdown, when everything became a bit overwhelming, someone said to me: show us what you got!
So we turned it around and used lockdown as a opportunity rather than a downfall. I sparked life in a project I had put to the side due to the building work, helped over 50 clinics across the UK get hold of necessary PPE when all our suppliers let us down, developed protocols and prepared for opening a week before giving birth.
After two months of being open we are nowhere near back to normal, but I guess it’s the new normal and we will keep building on it and move forward. I have a fantastic team at Bode Clinic, they keep grafting every day and they have stepped up to the challenge with a big smile and a “no problem” attitude.
2020 isn’t over yet and I am sure more surprises and hurdles will come our way. Bring it on!

We did the lockdown to help each other, save lives and the NHS. Can we now just wear a mask without causing a fuss so we can avoid a second lockdown please?
It’s just in crowded places, it’s not all the time, and most’s just temporarily.
We can do this!

#lockdown #covid19 #privateclinic #salford #manchester #mask #ppe #teamwork #dreamteam

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1 month ago

Bode Clinic

We are stocked up on disposable face masks, ready to send to your house or office. Get in touch to order yours 😷

We have two types of masks available, 3ply and KN95.

3ply is the standard mask and it serves all the purposes to comply with the government guidelines. These comes in boxes of 50 for £35

KN95 is a much more sturdy mask and allows more room to move your mouth and lips freely and without condensation building up. These are £3.99 per mask and comes in packs of 10

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