We are excited and happy to announce we are hosting our first public seminar, and we would love for you to come.

The seminar is aimed towards clinicians in private practice, personal training, anyone working sports rehabilitation and sporting environment. The aim of the seminar is to learn the secrets to gaining rapid results with patients and clients, and your reputation would soon reflect this and help you gain more clients and patients.

The seminar is led by no other than Mr Bryan Jones, our brilliant Performance Coach. Kristin worked with Bryan when she worked for Manchester United and they have since worked together on several projects. When you are working with people where you are trying to motivate and coach them back into fitness, you will only gain rapid results if you can help battle the psychological challenges your clients will face. This might be time restrictions, compliance with ‘homework’, lack of motivation when the results does not show immediately. How can you keep the fire going throughout the process?

How can you keep the motivation on top throughout the process?

THIS is what we will teach you.

And to ensure you don’t get too hungry during the two hour seminar we have Balance delivering some of their amazing snack pots of different foods. You would not want to miss it. 

How to book your place? Send an email to info@bodeclinic.co.uk

Price £35 per person