“It’s expected, its pregnancy..it doesn’t come without some aches and pains”. Fair enough, but that doesn’t mean you should not seek help for your symptoms. I have seen numerous patients who has been taken by surprise when I told them it is perfectly safe to have physiotherapy treatment when you are pregnant, and the feedback following treatment has always been “why didn’t I do this earlier?”.

As part of pregnancy there are hormonal changes, ligament laxity, muscle tightness, cramps, nerve compression, tightness in shoulders and mid back…the list goes on. The majority of the musculoskeletal aches and pains can easily be reduced with some physiotherapy treatment. The treatment is safe and tailored to each individual patient, and the aim is to reduce the pain and educate on what you can do at home to manage your pain.

Having physiotherapy during or after pregnancy can help you cope better at work, help you sleep better, improve your mobility and prepare you for childbirth and the recovery after. Happy mum, happy baby!

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I noticed a difference after the first treatment with Kristin. She wasted no time getting to the root of my issue and now it feels like I’m walking on air, and I am now much more comfortable sitting at my desk.           Phoebe Duggan