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Bode Clinic is able to offer corporate in-house services to suit all types of business and their staff, whether that would be general workplace assessment or treatment tailored to each individual member of staff. The service comes in a range of different cost-effective packages depending on your needs, and there is an option to arrange in house treatments if your workplace has the facility to accommodate it.

Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common cause of sickness absence from work in Great Britain today, and long waiting times for a diagnosis and treatment mean that the length of time off work is unnecessarily long.

How will this benefit your company and staff

The aim of the service is to allow your staff to receive rapid care and rehabilitation to avoid sickness absence and long term chronic physical problems which can cause restrictions in their ability to perform their job.

The need for treatment might come as a natural strain from the type of job your staff are doing on a daily basis, back and neck problems, sport injuries, accidents at or away from work, road traffic accidents, pre- and post op rehabilitation, or even pre- and post natal care.

Regardless of the reason for the need of treatment, the key is to receive an accurate diagnosis and access to treatment and rehabilitation as soon as possible.

The benefit of creating a corporate relationship directly with Bode Clinic is that you will be guaranteed priority to make sure your staff will receive first class treatment exactly when its needed.

By improving the health and wellbeing of your staff
we aim to maximise the performance of your business

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2 weeks ago

Bode Clinic
Scar tissue (fibrous tissue) 🌟🌟 After injury, large or small, you body has a repair mechanism where cells and collagen collect in the area to help repair the injured tissue. This is fantastic, BUT…This scar tissue CAN be thick (see picture), tight, inflexible and lead to reduced range of movement, pain and affect quality of movement and training. Does it go away? Some of it will soften and remodel with time, but some scar tissue will never go away. Why scar treatment? This can help speed up the process and complete the injury recovery at a much higher level. - reduced scar appearance - Increased flexibility- Increased function and movement- Will get rid of scar tissue!!What we do? - tech self management techniques - Use @lymphatouch_uk - Acupuncture- Massage techniques incl @hawkgrips_usa - Mobility and hands on techniques to achieve results quickly and push you to the next stage asap! When to start scar treatment?This depends a little bit, but as early as 3-5 days after injury, and even if you scar or scar tissue is 10 years+ old we can helpWhat type of scar tissue? - scars from surgery, stitches, glued, or naturally healed- C-section- Burns- Cancer treatments- Cosmetic treatments- Muscle strains- Ligament injuriesIs it for you? Book a FREE consultation with our physiotherapists and find out, simple! ....#scar #scartreatment #ligamentstrain #musclesprain #csectionrecovery #postoprehab #rehab #surgery #physiotherapy #acupuncture #dryneedling #acl #ankleinjury #achilles #shouldersurgery #shoulderrecovery #manualtherapy ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Bode Clinic
Bode Clinic ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Bode Clinic
2021…completed it! Thank you to our followers, patients, friends and families. Business contracts, new links and partners…we are thrilled we can continue to work together, move forward and create a healthcare service which is unique, professional and just that little bit extraordinary. Have we had the pleasure of helping you this year? If so, thank you for choosing us and we hope you will continue to recommend us to your friends and family 🤩. 2022, bring it on! 🥂🥳 ... See MoreSee Less
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