Do I need a referral?
No referral needed, you can book directly using our online booking system or give us a call.
How much does it cost?

You can find all our prices in the online booking section.

What measures have been put in place after Covid-19?
Bode Clinic is following all government guidelines and advice, making sure our staff and patients are in a safe environment when attending our clinic. We have reduced the amount of paperwork and created online forms to fill out prior to your appointment, and there is also a Covid-19 screening form which every patient will have to fill out. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will make sure you feel safe and looked after by our clinic.
What should I wear?
This very much depends on the type of treatment you are having. A good advice is to bring along a pair of shorts and a vest top, and if we need you to change the therapist will let you know after the assessment and give you time to get changed.
Is it painful?
At Bode Clinic we are very hands on with our treatment and some might experience some discomfort. Regardless your therapist will talk you through each treatment technique and make sure we have your consent to continue. You can stop the treatment at any point, or simply ask the therapist to be a bit more gentle. If you are having concerns about pain speak to your therapist and make sure you feel fully confident before treatment is started.
How many sessions do I need?
This depends on your diagnosis. Following your assessment your therapist will go through their treatment plan with you and give you an estimated amount of treatment needed to achieve your goals.
Can I have treatment if I am pregnant?
Absolutely, and it might benefit you greatly too. If you are pregnant let the therapist know before starting the assessment as this is vital information and can affect diagnostics and treatment plan.
Do you treat children?
Yes. As part of growing children of all ages can experience musculoskeletal problems which can often be helped by treatment and home exercise programme. Please note, all children will have to attend their appointment together with a parent or carer over the age of 18.
If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, or use our contact form below.

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Bode Clinic
Scar tissue (fibrous tissue) 🌟🌟 After injury, large or small, you body has a repair mechanism where cells and collagen collect in the area to help repair the injured tissue. This is fantastic, BUT…This scar tissue CAN be thick (see picture), tight, inflexible and lead to reduced range of movement, pain and affect quality of movement and training. Does it go away? Some of it will soften and remodel with time, but some scar tissue will never go away. Why scar treatment? This can help speed up the process and complete the injury recovery at a much higher level. - reduced scar appearance - Increased flexibility- Increased function and movement- Will get rid of scar tissue!!What we do? - tech self management techniques - Use @lymphatouch_uk - Acupuncture- Massage techniques incl @hawkgrips_usa - Mobility and hands on techniques to achieve results quickly and push you to the next stage asap! When to start scar treatment?This depends a little bit, but as early as 3-5 days after injury, and even if you scar or scar tissue is 10 years+ old we can helpWhat type of scar tissue? - scars from surgery, stitches, glued, or naturally healed- C-section- Burns- Cancer treatments- Cosmetic treatments- Muscle strains- Ligament injuriesIs it for you? Book a FREE consultation with our physiotherapists and find out, simple! ....#scar #scartreatment #ligamentstrain #musclesprain #csectionrecovery #postoprehab #rehab #surgery #physiotherapy #acupuncture #dryneedling #acl #ankleinjury #achilles #shouldersurgery #shoulderrecovery #manualtherapy ... See MoreSee Less
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2021…completed it! Thank you to our followers, patients, friends and families. Business contracts, new links and partners…we are thrilled we can continue to work together, move forward and create a healthcare service which is unique, professional and just that little bit extraordinary. Have we had the pleasure of helping you this year? If so, thank you for choosing us and we hope you will continue to recommend us to your friends and family 🤩. 2022, bring it on! 🥂🥳 ... See MoreSee Less
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