LymphaTouch is a myofascial decompression therapy device precisely controlling negative pressure to increase lymphatic drainage, break down scar restrictions and release tight fascia.

Benefits of Myofascial Decompression

– Reduce oedema quickly and effectively
– Pain free treatment – helps reduce pain
– Break down scar tissue
– Increase range of movement
– Improve blood flow/collagen production

Why Myofascial decompression?

  • Lifts and expands the tissue, instead of push and compress
  • Vertical stretching of the fascia
  • Provide torsional forces on the tissue by twisting
  • Dilate lymphatic capillaries to encourage lymphatic drainage

When would we use Lymphatouch?


  • Acute/chronic swelling
  • Speed up healing
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase range of movement

Post-cosmetic/orthopaedic surgery

  • Reduce post-op oedema
  • Increase lymphatic flow to remove waste and speed up healing process
  • Improve would healing


  • Dilates the Lymphatic capillaries to stimulate lymph drainage
  • Improve head ach neck scarring and tightness
  • Reduce impact and appearance scarring following surgeries
  • Improve movement and function of scarring
  • Reduce fibrotic tissue and reduce limb volume

Special offer

We offer a block of 6 treatment sessions for a reduced price, contact the clinic for further information how to make a block booking.

After having two major surgeries on my abdomen, I had very little hope anything could be done to loosen my scar. I had two ovarian cysts removed which meant the incision was from my belly button right down to my lower abdomen. It didn’t heal in a perfectly straight line and I had quite a bit of old scar tissue from the previous op.

I was recommended to try LymphaTouch, after initially thinking there was no hope to do anything .
The treatment is pain free, very comfortable and after the 3rd I really started to notice better skin texture around the scar and it started to look a lot straighter. One part of my scar was really tight and that felt better. Overall it has given me a lot more confidence to know that even after two major operations you can help to heal these scars by allowing better circulation to the area. Highly recommend.

Shelley Martin

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