It’s no secret that we are endlessly seeking a quick fix for our problems, whether it’s weight loss or for our aches and pains. We just haven’t got the time…or patience…. or willingness to waste energy on slow-progress methods to achieve our goals.

But majority of the time the quick fix is not sustainable, unless it’s a meal company delivering your shopping and recipes for today’s dinner…but you still have to do a little bit more than pressing a button on the microwave.

So, let’s talk about Posture Correcting Brace…. but I think you know the answer to this already?

It is a quick fix… or a quick spiral to further problems as it could potentially lead to more dysfunction and pain long term.


They claim the brace will pull your body in a more upright position, but actually whats happening is that you are giving the muscles the impression they do not need to work, so they start to ‘switch off’. And gradually you will start to rely on this brace more and more, and at the same time the muscles will waste away.

Let’s go back 30 years, do you remember the frequent use of neck brace for anyone with neck pain and mild whiplash injuries? We have moved away from that, there is no need. You are causing more harm than good sometimes, and now we know this from evidence-based research that we need to activate the muscles, get moving.

If you have a hip or joint replacement you will be up walking as soon as the anaesthetics wears off, getting the muscles firing again, rehab starts immediately to avoid muscle wasting.

From a random search on google I find this….“Award winning posture brace”, what awards?

“Magic posture brace”, Really?

(Except this post)

A certain company selling the Posture Correcting Brace present reviews saying how comfortable it is to wear, how it’s easy to adjust… I struggle to find someone saying “This sorted my pain, I no longer need to wear it”. Because isn’t that what you want to do long term?  Get rid of it and get back to a normal pain-free life where you do not have to wear this strap across your body to sit upright?

Unless you have a fracture or a serious injury in your spine there is absolutely no need for a brace and support for your spine. Please discuss this with a health professional if you are unsure.

You need to build up strength to support your spine, and this way you will improve your posture and avoid musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain.

If you are experiencing aches and pain in the back and neck your first action should be to see an experienced health professional for an accurate diagnosis, this is what we physios specialise in

  1. Get a diagnosis, find the root of the problem
  2. Create a treatment plan
  3. Start rehabilitation to avoid return of the same problem

Bonus…your rehab might even help you lose weight and make you fitter…WIN WIN!

So, stop wasting money on these products, invest them in seeing a health professional who can guide you to a pain-free life.